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XenoGesis supports Sitryx in the Discovery and Development of Immunometabolic Medicines

XenoGesis supports Sitryx in the Discovery and Development of Immunometabolic Medicines

XenoGesis has been working with biopharmaceutical company Sitryx to support the discovery of novel targets and the development of innovative therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory disease in the fast-emerging area of immunometabolism.

Sitryx turned to XenoGesis for its scientific expertise and influence in solving the complex PK problems in their multiple projects and helping drive forward their PK-PD efforts to discover potential new medicines for autoimmune diseases.

Graham Trevitt, Chief Scientific Officer at XenoGesis, commented: “We have been working with the team at Sitryx since the end of 2019. Sitryx came to us because of our expertise in solving complex PK challenges as well as our focus on generating and using high quality data. We have worked closely with them as an extension of their team, and look forward to a long and collaborative relationship.”

Matthew Fyfe, Head of Chemistry and Intellectual Property at Sitryx commented: “We have been seriously impressed by XenoGesis’ enthusiasm and professionalism with this project. With their help and expertise, we believe we can move forward and deliver cutting-edge, disease modifying immunometabolism therapeutics that can transform the lives of patients with serious autoimmune disorders.”

He continued: “The team at XenoGesis has dramatically transformed our thinking around in vitro and in vivo DMPK data over the past few months. We look forward to continuing to work with XenoGesis to achieve that aim in the coming years.”

Sitryx recently announced a licensing and research collaboration with Eli Lilly, to discover and develop new immune-metabolic medicines, in a transformational collaboration enabling the company to bolster its research endeavours over the next five years. Under the terms of the agreement, Sitryx will receive an upfront payment of $50 million and Lilly will make a $10 million equity investment in Sitryx. Sitryx will be eligible to receive potential development milestones up to $820 million, as well as commercialisation milestones and royalty payments on potential sales in the mid- to high-single digit range.