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Positively contributing to physical and mental wellbeing.



We are committed to providing healthy workplaces which support the physical and mental good health of our collective, whilst fostering a culture that positively contributes to wellbeing.



2019 Goal #1: Influence healthy lifestyles.


Walking Challenge.

Six weeks, six teams – whoever takes the most steps wins; but the impact was unexpected.

The BioCity team was split into six mixed teams, from across all locations and job roles – active vs desk-based. Team members were asked to record their steps, both in and outside of working hours, every day for six weeks. The team who cumulatively took the most number of steps over the six-week challenge was announced at the BioCity company day – taking the crown this year was Scrambled Legs!




The aim was three-fold, to encourage employee integration across locations and departments, to improve the health and fitness of BioCity employees and decrease BioCity’s carbon footprint. We also encouraged the team to share pictures of the different locations in which they were ‘getting their steps in’ (pictured, left).

The team made a huge effort, and this sparked much thought, discussion and reflection on healthy lifestyles.





Physical wellness

Our team kitchen is stocked with fresh fruit from local suppliers, herbal and fruit teas and plant-based milks. An annual health assessment is provided by Healthy Performance, and yoga classes and discounts from local gyms are provided by BioCity.

Physical noticeboards are displayed at each location where we can put notices, flyers, notes etc for health and wellness posters and tips.



2019 Goal #2: Promoting and facilitating positive mental health in the workplace and providing support for employees experiencing mental ill-health


‘One Hour Wellness’ events

Health and wellbeing events for both client companies and for the BioCity team, featuring talks from speakers on nutrition and mental health for bodies and brains; with free ‘wellness’ goody bags on the way out.



Previous speakers:

Mohammad Al-Kayani – Nutrition Coach “Eat for Energy”

“My passion in nutrition came about when I came to the realisation that so much of our daily life can be improved when we feed our bodies in the most ideal and balanced manners as possible, and that so many of the illness people suffer throughout their lives can be prevented with good wholesome nutrition.”




Lizzy Hodcroft – Co-founder of Mynder “Better solutions to mental health self-care and goal setting”
“My story is not an anomaly. Without being too forward, I feel that my story is reflective of so many of us that struggle to find passion in life, an ambition to move forward or where they fit in the world… Emma approached me at the end of summer in 2018 with an idea to empower those struggling with mental health. It was a vision I could not refuse to be a part of.”



Health Assured

The Health Assured platform is available to all staff, offering advice and mental health support for employees and their families.


Mental Health First Aiders

We have dedicated mental health first aiders at every BioCity location.  Our mental health first aiders are the go-to people for anyone experiencing any kind of mental health issue. They are there to listen, support and guide them to the relevant help.



2020 Goal: Promote and facilitate positive mental and physical health holistically, in the workplace. Ensure this value extends to the wider collective.


2020 Objectives:

  • To run two mental health and wellbeing events at BioCity for employees
  • Have at least one walking challenge (or similar) for employees and open up to client companies
  • Implement an action plan that demonstrates BioCity’s commitment to ending the stigma surrounding mental health and ensuring employees feel supported.