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BioCity the brand

In early 2017 we made the decision to stop separating public from private. We would start speaking publicly in the same way we speak to each other. BioCity has always been and done things a little differently, so should our brand.

We have the honour of working with ideas, people and ventures on the cusp of greatness; no one has time for corporate babblings. We would not make unsubstantiated claims or befuddle with generic marketing speak.


We are unendingly proud of these people who call us home. They’re changing the world, and we respect (and thank) them for that. We will talk about them with the genuine affection and admiration we feel.


Founding BioCity itself was a gamble. Way back when in 2002, we were seen as the foolhardy mavericks. Many years later, BioCity is the benchmark. The gamble paid off and the bravery rewarded.


And so, Home To The Curious was released in October 2017. A tag line and four-word manifestation of pride, affection and bravery.


“BioCity is home to the curious, to the pioneers and the radicals going toe-to-toe with the healthcare challenges that affect us all, globally.”

  • Home.  Safety | warmth | sense of belonging | family
  • Curious. Positively nosy | eager to know or learn
  • Pioneers. Forerunners | innovators | leading the way
  • Radicals. Revolutionary | affecting change | doing things differently
  • Global. Bigger than all of us | magnitude of potential success

“BioCity is a pioneering life science incubator and business collective.”

  • Pioneering. Ground-breaking | inventive | original
  • Life science. Environmental tech | healthcare | med tech | biotech | digital health
  • Business Collective. Shared vision | active | working collaboratively for change

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