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Renasci is now part of Sygnature Discovery

Renasci is now part of Sygnature Discovery

RenaSci was founded in 2001 by Dr Sharon Cheetham, Dr Rob Jones and Professor David Heal, providing an integrated blend of in vivo pharmacology consultancy and experimental services, helping clients from all sectors of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to maximise their research productivity and streamline drug development.

Renasci’s regulatory expertise, combined with its skills in drug development and abuse liability assessment, have been pivotal to the success of clients in achieving European and US drug registrations.

Based at BioCity in Nottingham, RenaSci was aquired by Sygnature Discovery in 2018 and is now a fully integrated part of Sygnature’s integrated drug discovery offering.

Join us at our new home on to find all of the services you are familiar with from RenaSci, as well as our full suite of integrated drug discovery and non-clinical solutions.

Since 2011, 37 compounds discovered by Sygnature for customers have entered pre-clinical development and so far 17 of these have progressed to clinical trials (Phases I, II and III).