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Pitching opportunities at the International Festival of Business

Pitching opportunities at the International Festival of Business

Are you an innovator with a scaling business and looking for investment to further scale and grow your business in the UK or Internationally? Are you a business adding value to your customers, market or sector? UKBAA is looking for scaling businesses that are on the creative and cutting edge of their industry, demonstrating clear innovation and potential for disruption. If you are looking for the opportunity to showcase to an audience of elite investors at one of our 8 sector focussed events, apply now!

Criteria Include:
-Strong Traction & Achievements
-Strong Market Share
-Clear Evidence of Capacity to Scale
-Strong Differentiation From Your Competitors
-Seeking Equity Capital to Support Your Growth
-Looking for Between £250k-£10m


UKBAA is hosting a rolling programme of thematic business scale-up showcases that align with the key sector focus of each day at the festival. The Investor Pitch showcase events will present 6-8 carefully selected companies seeking investment to scale up in the UK and International markets. The selected companies will be judged based on criteria relating to their core business and potential to scale.

Investors will have the opportunity to directly interact with the presenting businesses as well as with other relevant businesses within the sector. The Pitch will not only showcase talented scaling innovators seeking access to equity capital, but will also explore the bright future of global innovation.

Entrepreneurs that offer value to their sector and demonstrate a clear need for their innovation are invited to compete for a coveted spot at The Investor Pitch presented by UK Business Angels. This opportunity is for businesses that demonstrate a strong capacity to scale, evident traction and achievements and are for access to equity investment.


DAYSector Focus
GLOBAL ECONOMICS – 12 JuneFintech, RegTech, InsureTech, Cyber Security, SAAS, Ecommerce, Mcommerce
URBANISATION & CITIES – 13 JuneAI/AR/VR for urbanisation, Smart Cities, GovTech, IoT, Renewable Energy, Robotics & Drones, Connected Cities
SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – 14 JuneGreenTech, Agritech, Climate Change, CleanTech, IoT, Robotics/Drones, Recycling/Waste, Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Wind Power
FUTURE TRANSPORT – 19 JuneImmersive Tech, AI, IoT, Connected & Autonomous Cars, Robotics, Satellite/Downstream applications, Drones
MANUFACTURING – 20 JuneAI, Immersive Tech, Automotive, New Materials, Production, Robotics, IoT, Drones
GLOBAL LOGISTICS & SHIPPING – 21 JuneSatellite applications, GPS, AI, IOT, Clean Air/Environment, Supply Chain, Blockchain
HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES – 26 JuneHealth Tech, AI, Immersive Techs, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Drug Discovery, Digital Health, Life Sciences, Synthetic Biology, Social Care & Assisted Living, Mental Health & Prevention
CREATIVE INDUSTRIES – 27 June AR/VR, Immersive Techs, Film/Animation/Creative Content, Gaming, Healthcare, Education/Training
SPORT, CULTURE & TRAVEL – 28 JuneSport Tech, AR/VR, Fintech, Ticketing/Payments, Tourism, Hospitality, Food & Drink Tech/Innovation


Competition Start Competition Finish
April 9 2018May 14 2018
Judging StartJudging Finish
May 15 2018May 22 2018
Announce WinnersUKBAA update website with winners
May 22 2018May 23-24 2018

Applicants can register via