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BioCity based Pharm2Farm develops antiviral coating for face masks

BioCity based Pharm2Farm develops antiviral coating for face masks

BioCity based Pharm2Farm (P2F) have developed a coating for textiles which incorporates its proprietary nanoparticles, to give textiles long-lasting virucidal properties.

The first application of the technology was to coat a fabric layer in surgical masks and produce a certified antiviral, including Covid-19 and influenza, mask for use by both healthcare professionals and the public.

P2F had now overcome the delay in testing, reported on 8 October, by conducting live virus tests at two independent UK laboratories.

Those tests confirmed that the coated face mask textile displayed high virucidal activity, meeting the requirements for ISO 18184 certification with more than a 90% kill rate for up to seven hours, while being benign to healthy mammalian cells.

The manufacturing process for the new formulation, along with its antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, had now been submitted as a patent application by P2F to protect its intellectual property.

“As previously announced on 18 September, P2F has purchased an automated mask production line, which is on track to be delivered in November and be commissioned by the end of December,”

“The production line, which is manufactured in Europe, has the capacity to produce up to five million standard or antiviral face masks per month.”

Following the positive test result, P2F planned to produce anti-Covid-19 surgical face masks certified to ISO 18184 for sale by the end of the year.

The mask has been designed by Nottingham Trent University scientist and nanotechnology expert, Dr Gareth Cave, and is now being commercialised by NTU spin out company Pharm2Farm in Nottingham’s BioCity.