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Accelerator alumni Myndr receives £300k investment from Innovate UK to expand its proposition

Accelerator alumni Myndr receives £300k investment from Innovate UK to expand its proposition

BioCity 2019 Accelerator programme graduate company, Myndr, has secured six-figure funding from the government’s business innovation programme.

Myndr, which is based in Newcastle, has received £300k investment from Innovate UK to expand its proposition.

Founded by Lizzy Hodcroft and Emma Reilly, Myndr aims to create an anonymous platform, enabling those suffering from common mental health issues to seek support from others who have experienced similar problems.

Working alongside Tyneside web development and app agency Komodo, Myndr is set to launch its AI-assisted app in the next 12 months, as well as enhance its online technology, invest in new staff and develop business partnerships.

Myndr co-founder Lizzy Hodcroft commented: “We’re incredibly honoured and proud to have received this grant.

“Most of the funds will be used towards further development and content for the app as we have high expectations to deliver a platform that is contextually smart as well as impactful with practical, actionable steps and content.”

Myndr co-founder Emma Reilly continued: “Because of the Innovate grant and its timing, we have been able to reach out to professionals, freelancers, doctors, peers and so many others to help to provide Myndr with courses, content and suggestions and in turn pay these amazing individuals for their service.

“Although we aren’t able to completely solve any financial issues for people, we are very proud that we can support in some way.”

Lizzie was a pioneer 2019 Accelerator programme at The Biosphere, based on Newcastle Helix.