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Scientists deck the halls of BioCity for nation-wide Christmas Competition

Scientists deck the halls of BioCity for nation-wide Christmas Competition

BioCity, the pioneering life science incubator and business collective this week received a festive makeover thanks to a nationwide Christmas competition to deck the halls.

Now a much-loved Christmas tradition, each year, BioCity holds a creative competition and invites all those within their collective of more than 200 life sciences businesses; to make something and compete for a grand prize. Previous years have seen competitions based around ginger-bread houses and miniature Christmas trees. This year, companies were given an empty oasis ring and challenged to create a wreath to “Make An Entrance”.

Many companies chose to use supplies from within the lab, fashioning reindeer antlers from lab gloves and glitter-filled test tubes. Some took a more traditional approach of holly and foliage while others with gingerbread men and candy canes.

Companies submitted their entry by tagging @BioCity and #HomeToTheCurious on social media. Deciding on a winner was no mean feat, but Medilink East Midland’s use of their teams’ faces and fallen snow earned them the title of ‘Ultimate BioCity Christmas Champion 2019’.

Gemma Cann, director of Marketing at BioCity said, “These people work so hard throughout the year. They’re focused on solving incredibly complex challenges, and if successful, they have the potential to change the way we experience the world. What they do is not easy, so we always make sure we end the year with something fun.

“It’s a great way to bring everyone together. Each company can spend a little bit of time doing something creative that’s out-of-the-ordinary and then share it with our whole community. It’s also a good way for us at BioCity to show our appreciation for each and every one of them.”