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Life Science Industry Publications

Discover more about the industry with our library of life science industry publications, produced by the most reputable sources, including the UK Government, the UK BioIndustry Association and us at BioCity.


Drawing on data from multiple organisations and a wide breadth of expertise, these industry publications give in-depth analysis and predict the trends we’re likely to see in the life sciences industry. Invaluable resources for those who want to know more. Delve into the broader landscape of life-science start-ups. Find out what role the sector is playing in tackling COVID-19, which drivers are transforming the life sciences and what support is available with the most comprehensive list of life science incubators and Accelerators currently operating in the UK.

BIA: The science of success: UK biotech in 2020

February 2021

This report looks at the record level of investment in the UK life sciences ecosystem and positions the UK as a global player in bringing innovative treatments to patients, and as a key economic engine, in the UK’s recovery from COVID-19.

Scaleup Institute ScaleUp Annual Review 2020

November 2020

This report highlights the key contribution that scale-ups make to the UK economy and the continuing sense of optimism among scale-up leaders, even during such challenging times

office for life sciences

UK Office for Life Sciences: Bioscience and Health Technology Sector Statistics 2019

August 2020

This report contains analysis of trends in the UK life sciences industry, covering the Biopharma and Med Tech sectors.

Scottish Government: Life Sciences Innovation and Responding to COVID-19

August 2020

This publication will highlight activities across the life science sector in Scotland to support the global response to COVID-19.

Deloitte: 2020 Global life sciences outlook

Gene therapies, intelligent drug discovery and development, consumer wearables, telemedicine, and more—what are some of the drivers transforming the life sciences sector? How can biopharma and medtech organizations create new value in 2020, while tackling various challenges? What are the metrics that matter?

BIA: Life Sciences Recovery Roadmap

June 2020

The UK’s Life Science sector is playing a central role in tackling the COVID-19 outbreak. Industry and charities have created new partnerships with the Government and NHS to scale up rapidly UK diagnostic capacity; supported the NHS to deliver care in a period of exceptional patient demand; and is leading the search for vaccinations and treatments, which will put an end to this epidemic. At the same time, industry has responded to unprecedented demands for the supply of certain medicines and medical products in very challenging conditions.

Business incubators and accelerators: the national picture

Accelerators and incubators support young businesses through the early and fragile stages of growth. This support can – in theory – help them avoid the mistakes of others, save time and money and increase survival rates. This, in turn, has consequences for job creation, regional development, innovation and economic growth.

NB this directory was compiled by Nesta and the UK government. To update any information within the directory, please contact [email protected]

BioCity: UK Life Science Start-Up Report

November 2019

Calling upon 14 years of data capture, The BioCity UK Life Science Start-up Report delves into the wider landscape of life-science startups and business incubators. An invaluable tool for those who want to be in the know.