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Sentinel Biosensors

Sentinel Biosensors

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Sentinel Biosensors have created the next generation of vital signs monitoring through continuous real-time monitoring with advanced A.I.


Meeting the currently unfulfilled need for better monitoring of vital signs to identify high-risk patients who are on general hospital wards or at home.”

Sentinel is the realisation of the vision of medical experts from 5 Academic University Hospitals. Their input, expert knowledge and foresight are helping to deliver tomorrows medical technology today.


Sentinel constantly monitors:

  • A full set of vital signs including blood pressure, respiration rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, three-axis position, motion, ECG, Heart Rate and more.
  • Monitoring more parameters, more accurately than any other single device available.
  • Looking for trends improving or deteriorating before they become life-threatening.
  • Clinical risk through NEWS2, PEWS or MEWS scores every 120 seconds.
  • Alerting the people that need to know when needed and suppressing false alarms.