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BioCity is a keen investor in young businesses, specialising in pre-seed and seed funding. Finding investment opportunities is made easy, surrounded, as we are, by promising life science, health and environmental tech ventures.



Investing in great ideas and visionary teams is what we’re all about.

We provide pre-seed and seed funding (either via convertible loans or equity) to very early stage companies to get them started, and to more established companies, to help them grow.


Our panel of investment experts is adept at spotting the ‘ones to watch’. Investing in promising entrepreneurs and early stage ventures with real potential from our accelerator graduates and businesses based at our locations.


Convertible Loan investment

Convertible loans for very early stage ventures to help them on the path to their first fundraise.



Typically, we are the lead (and sometimes sole) investor, allowing us to provide guidance and support to early stage ventures, alongside investments of up to £800k over the lifetime of a company.



We regularly invite High Net Worth Individuals and sophisticated investors to co-invest in growing businesses, alongside us.


The lucky ones…

We invest broadly across Life Science, Healthcare and Environmental Technologies and provide capital (convertible loans or equity) to help

  • Very early stage companies get started in bioentrepreneurship
  • More established companies grow and become more established

Obtaining funding, however, isn’t enough, so we also offer promising startups business support to allow them to make use of that precious capital.


Finding the perfect match

Choosing the right investor for your business is essential; they must be a good fit, both in ambition and attitude. So we continue to build and strengthen our network, inviting those with the resources, experience and expertise that can help investee companies to grow; to join us as members of the BioCity Collective.


And why it works

Our proximity to and relationships with the companies based at our locations provides unparalleled insights. We understand the technologies, the business model and management teams behind the business, allowing us to make informed investment decisions and invest in the most promising young life science ventures.

Following the investment, we’re on-hand to help, nurture and guide every company to maximise their chances of success.


Which is why, to be eligible for BioCity investment, investees must be part of our collective. Join us today.

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The BioCity Investment Platform

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