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Investing in great ideas and visionary teams is what we’re all about.

We provide funding via seed capital (either via convertible loans or equity) to very early stage companies, to get them started and to more established companies, to help them grow.



Our panel of investment experts is adept at spotting the ‘ones to watch’. Investing in promising entrepreneurs and early stage ventures with real potential from our accelerator graduates and businesses based at our locations.


Seed capital

Convertible loans for very early stage ventures to help them on the path to their first fundraise.



Typically, we are the only or lead investor allowing us to provide guidance and support to early stage ventures, alongside investments of up to £800k.



We regularly invite High Net Worth Individuals and sophisticated investors to co-invest in growing businesses, alongside us.



The lucky ones…

We invest broadly across Life Science and Healthcare Technologies and provide that capital (convertible loans or equity) to help

  • Very early stage companies get started in bioentrepreneurship
  • More established companies grow and become more established

Obtaining funding, however, isn’t enough, which is why we also offer promising startups business support to allow them to make use of that precious capital.


Finding the perfect match

Finally, choosing the right investor for your business is essential. They must be a good fit, both in ambition and attitude, so we continue to build and strengthen our own network to allow both co-investment and for that much needed follow on capital.


And why it works

Our venture building and daily interaction with companies based on our sites means we have great insight into both the businesses and the management teams. This enables us to make more informed investment decisions.

Following the investment, we continue to watch over and nurture the companies based at our sites to maximise chances of success. This is why, in order to be eligible for investment by BioCity we require companies to be active members of our ecosystem. Join us today.

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The BioCity Investment Platform

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Our Investment Portfolio

Ibis Vision

IbisVision has developed a new and unique visual field test, Ring of Sight, a revolutionary eye test specifically designed for the early diagnosis of glaucoma and follow-up montoring. The Cloud Based software, and its associated  hardware, offers multiple advantages compared to traditional existing methods not including providing more reliable clinical information and being more cost effective. An added feature is the more compact nature of the product allowing the product to be more easily adopted in the field.


XenoGesis Ltd is the UK’s largest independent laboratory-based contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in preclinical drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics (DMPK), quantitative bioanalysis and expert interpretation. Established by former R & D execs the XenoGesis team has an enviable track record of delivery in drug discovery.

BioCity invested in the Xenogesis because the expertise brought by Richard and his Team was world class and offered a real speciality expertise to customers, garnered from decades spent in industry.

Roylance Scientific

BioCity and Roylance Stability Storage Services developed a joint partnership in 2016 to form a new company called Roylance Scientific. The company now offers state of the art, next generation stability and storage capability compliant with all ICH, Q1A and Q1B guidelines.

We saw a real opportunity in combining the complimentary capabilities of the two companies both on a managerial level and with respect to the physical footprint. Alongside other investors we then invested further capital to solidify the growth of the company which goes from strength to strength and we believe will be highly differentiated in this sector.


BioAscent was founded in 2013 with state of the art compound collection and robotised logistics facilities at our BioScotland facility. Not only does BioAscent manage compound collections on behalf of Pharmaceutical companies but, via its CompoundCloud web portal, can also make these Pharmaceutical grade compounds available to multiple groups for research.


CompanDx, formerly Compandia Ltd, have a proprietary bioinformatics analytical platform which they use to interrogate healthcare datasets finding both new disease markers and uncovering previously unseen patterns of association between such markers. The team believe their high value analytics could help optimise the field of Personalised Medicine and be equally applicable to new clinical trials as well as in assessing data from failed trials.


BDD is a speciality formulation company located in BioCity Glasgow. The team have recently raised an investment round to progress their Oralogik ™ timed drug release technology a patented pH sensitive technology that has already attracted the interest of many of the Top10 Pharmaceutical companies. The company are now progressing multiple profitable partnerships.

BioCity is delighted to be a shareholder in BDD. It’s essential that the level of a drug is optimised in order to maximise therapeutic benefit for a patient. That BDD’s technology allows the finer manipulation of this means you can customise the delivery profile of essential drugs.

BiVictriX Therapeutics

Established in 2016, BiVictriX Therapeutics Ltd is a Biotech focused on developing novel, highly-selective, bispecific ADCs to target unmet need in blood cancer. Through the company’s novel “Dual Targeting Approach”, BiVictriX will challenge the conventional ADC therapeutic approach by providing a step change in target selectivity.

BioCity invested in BiVictriX because the explosion of interest in ADCs and the potential for outstanding efficacy with an acceptable profile is possible if you have the right combination of cytotoxics, linkers and highly targeted antibodies.

Fast BioPharma

Fast BioPharma is a specialist Therapeutics company developing therapeutic antibodies in the field of Immuno-Oncology. Staffed by experienced Oncology executives, FasT BioPharma’s novel Antibodies leverage emerging biology such that the resulting therapeutic is expected to be active across a broad range of cancers. The company is at the preclinical stage.

BioCity invested in FasT because of the outstanding team and the significant interest in Immuno-Oncology which is anticipated to become a cornerstone of cancer treatment.

Absynth Biologics

Absynth Biologics are pioneering the discovery and development of innovative vaccines to prevent and treat life threatening bacterial infections such as S. aureus and C. difficile for which there are currently no marketed vaccines. Their highly differentiated approach, using antigen targets which harness the immune system in a multimodal fashion, will create differentiated vaccines. Absynth team comprise world leading microbiology and infection expertise.

BioCity invested in Absynth because of the courageous and unique approach they have taken in developing a much-needed solution to target colonisation.

Alderley Analytical

Alderley Analytical is a GLP/GCP accredited Contract Research Organisation which offers independent bioanalytical services to support discovery, pre-clinical, clinical and post launch marketing projects. The scientific management team brings decades of experience in large pharmaceutical companies and CROs which allows them to offer clients a bespoke service together with a variety of innovative solutions.

BioCity invested in Alderley Analytical because they have a unique offering with both preclinical and clinical expertise overlaid with significant industry connections.


MetaLinear Ltd exploits proteome engineering to uncover, characterise and validate new targets for antibiotics. Their approach, using engineered Affinity Proteins (eAPs), not only aids the identification and characterisation of new targets but provides multiple short-cuts in the traditional target and drug discovery process. Prior to MetaLinear, the founder, Paul Ko Ferrigno, pioneered the development of Affimir™ Technology that now is leveraged via Avacta Group Plc.

BioCity invested in Metalinear because we believe the next generation of antibacterials will come from novel target identification and targeting this at the proteome level offers real differentiation.


Antibody Drug conjugates (ADCs) are the fastest growing therapeutic class of molecules, however, they are still plagued by unacceptable dose limiting toxicities predominantly due to excessive cytotoxicity of the associated payload. CleaVR aim to address this issue by developing a novel cytotoxic warhead platform which becomes inactive in non-tumour tissues. The aim is to collaborate with Bio-Pharma companies keen to develop ADCs.

BioCity invested in CleaVR because we know that the next generation of cytotoxics, with a better profile, is desperately needed.

NeuDrive Ltd

NeuDrive Limited is a specialised organic semiconductor material company who are developing and commercialising their FlexOS™ inks in a number of applications owing to the outstanding transistor performance on flexible substrates. Neudrive’s aim is to exploit two key aspects of their technology, the high charge mobility and the dynamically flexible transistor arrays, in applications such as ultra-thin wearable electronics, foldable displays and conformal biosensor devices.

BioCity invested in NeuDrive because of the incredibly flexibility of the platform which, as an investor, is incredibly attractive. Having the fundamental material, the ink, being world class allows NeuDrive to become the preferred partner for multiple product developers in high interest areas such as wearable Biosensors.

Ammun Ltd

Ammun are an early stage company developing therapeutic interventions for treating orphan diseases with high unmet medical need. Their lead product is targeted at reducing Hyperammonemia, a condition that may be congenital or associated with other diseases such as Hepatic Encephalopathy.

BioCity invested in Ammun Ltd because of the unique approach which we believe will be complimentary to existing solutions targeting a real unmet need. Leveraging the orphan application is a significant strategic factor for a small company.


PhysioMedics™ is a healthcare technology company which provides online software solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in managing musculoskeletal disorders. PhysioWizard® is the worlds’ first clinically validated and CE-marked self-assessment software which matches patients to recommended treatments, and offers self-help to sufferers of muscle and joint problems. PhysioWizard® is proven to replicate a face-to-face physio triage with 93% clinical accuracy.

BioCity invested in PhysioMedics because lower back pain and other associated musculoskeletal disorders are not only hugely debilitating and painful for an individual but also present a significant drain on work productivity for employers. Solutions for better management of such conditions is paramount.


Novosound is a spin-out company from the University of the West of Scotland. The company has developed and patented a ground-breaking technique to mass-manufacture printable ultrasound sensors. This revolutionary method overcomes the limitations of existing technology, improving the manufacturing process, which hasn’t majorly changed in more than 40 years.

Nexus Labs

An online medical education platform endorsed by surgeons, complementary to the university curriculum. The educational videos are created by combining hospital footage and overlay with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation and narration. This immersive approach will better prepare students for the real-life hospital experience which goes beyond repetitive MCQ tests or textbooks.

IMG (InterMedi Group)

IMG is an entity to develop and commercialize multiple medical device technologies.  IMG are currently developing the use of ‘smart’ Transmagnetic Stimulation (TMS) to treat clinical treatment-resistant depression and a synthetic pelvic mesh for treating incontinence.

Rinri Therapeutics.

Rinri, a spin-out of Sheffield University, is based on the pioneering work of Professor Marcelo Rivolta (Chen et al. (2012) Nature, 490: 278-84), a world leader in the field of sensory stem cell biology. Rinri’s underlying technology, based on innovative stem cell research, seeks to reverse neuropathic sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) through the repair of the damaged cytoarchitecture in the inner ear. BioCity co-invested alongside Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund and UCB Ventures in the round for £1.4 million in seed funding.


Spun out from Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, Kinomica Ltd is an early stage precision medicine biotech developing novel technologies for companion diagnostics (CDx) and therapeutic development in precision medicines. Graduates of the BioCity Accelerator and now based at Alderley Park, Kinomica Ltd have developed a powerful suite of advanced proprietary bioinformatics and phosphoproteomic analytical methods, that allows the direct measurement of multiple endogenous kinases. The investment round was completed via the Innovate UK Precision Medicine Investment Accelerator.


The world’s first prescription (Rx) to Over the Counter (OTC) switch incubator, Maxwellia’s novel approach converts prescription drugs into versions that can be purchased without prescription from pharmacies and supermarkets; a process known as ‘switching’. The funding round was partially completed via the BioCity angel investment platform and will support the development of three innovative products in the areas of women’s health and healthy lifestyle currently in the pipeline at different stages, two of which are undergoing the approval process with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


NuVision’s therapy, Omnigen, is based on research carried out at the University of Nottingham by Dr Andrew Hopkinson. It harnesses the regenerative properties of amniotic membrane which surrounds babies in the womb and is normally discarded at birth. The company, which is based at MediCity, Nottingham has also developed a bespoke contact lens product, OmniLenz®, that allows Omnigen to be applied in a five-minute procedure in outpatient clinics, eliminating the need for surgery and sutures. Trials are taking place at Aston University. BioCity joined the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, which is managed by Mercia and part of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund; Mercia’s own funds and the University of Nottingham to complete the £1.4m funding round.

Deep Branch Biotechnology

Graduates of the BioCity Accelerator and now based at MediCity, Nottingham; Deep Branch Biotechnology are developing technology to transform polluters into producers.

Unlike traditional carbon storage technology that simply collects and stores carbon dioxide, Deep Branch’s carbon recycling solution converts carbon dioxide into sustainable single cell protein (SCP).

The seed investment from BioCity will cover construction costs of a mobile production unit, enabling Deep Branch to demonstrate their technology using live industrial gas streams and demonstrate the high impact-potential to those in carbon-intensive industries.

INCUS Performance

INCUS Performance is a sports technology start-up that is helping athletes to train better using data. The three-tier INCUS platform provides high-quality analytics to improve technique and training, initially specialised for swimming and Triathlon sports. By combining artificial intelligence and data analytics with wearable technology, INCUS is bringing new levels of technical clarity to athletes in an easy-to-understand way.

Exited BioCity investments

To date our investment model of working closely with companies we invest in, has already seen success as evidenced by the exits of of our portfolio companies.

R5 Pharmaceuticals

R5 Pharmaceuticals developed and manufactured dosage forms for clinical trials. Their unique approach was essential to provide the right product on time and on budget.  As a consequence of their track record at achieving this, R5 was acquired in 2010 by Aesica Pharma generating BioCity a healthy return (44X).


Haemostatix developed a number of haemostatic products including their lead product PeprostatTM, a topical haemostat for the treatment of bleeding during surgery. Hemostatix is now a wholly own subsidiary of Ergomed following the acquisition in May 2016.