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Expert Network

A powerhouse of esteemed figures from the world of life sciences who altruistically give their time, advice and guidance to science entrepreneurs within the BioCity Collective.

The Expert Network sits at the very core of our holistic approach, surrounding entrepreneurs with the resources and the people they need to succeed.

Our Experts altruistically give their time, advice and guidance to the entrepreneurs of the BioCity Collective; bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be called upon for help in tackling the most complex growth and scaleup challenges.

How it works

We act as the matchmaker, connecting entrepreneurs who have questions with experts who have the answers.


Rather than relying on algorithms or AI, every connection between expert and entrepreneur is personally made. Our team have the technical, operational and commercial expertise in pharma, biotech, cell therapy, personalised medicine, medical devices, OTC, nutrition and digital to truly understand the industry and the challenges which science entrepreneurs face. Carefully identifying which experts are best suited to help.

Open to all

The Expert Network is open to all within the BioCity Collective, to those who call us ‘home’ (based at a BioCity location) or ‘coach’ (the pioneers of the BioCity Accelerator).


Pre-launch or on the verge of a merger, startup or scaleup, expert advice is available at all stages of business development; BUT, the expert network is available only to those within the collective.

One-to-one Q&A

Rather than a long-term mentor/mentee relationship, experts advise on specific milestones, challenges and questions. Innovation, regulation, patient engagement, IP, managing late payments or negotiating difficult relationships; anything that presents a challenge to business growth or even survival.

Advice without judgement

Advice is confidential, impartial, independent and non-judgemental. Free from political and self-interest.

As experts have no vested interest or bias, the advice given is genuinely for the benefit of the business and comes from an expert well-versed in the complexities of commercial science.

200 Strong

The Expert Network is more than two hundred people strong and growing. We continually seek out individuals with expertise in emerging areas, whether that’s personalised medicine, non-traditional fundraising or post-Brexit regulatory changes, to always reflect the ever-changing industry.

What makes an expert


Joining the ranks of our Expert Network is by invitation only and our standards are high. Experts are not consultants or on the look-out for a new project. They have successful careers in industry and hold/held positions within the upper echelons of commercial life sciences.

They are:

Presidents, VPs, CEOs of successful biotechs, board members and Chairs of global organisations.

They have successful careers in:

 Drug discovery, drug development, finance, fundraising, grants, commercial strategy, insurance, intellectual property, marketing, human resources, leadership/executive teams, legal, operations & administration, outsourcing, R&D strategy, regulatory affairs; to name but a few.

They give their time because:

They’ve been there, they’ve done it and they all remember the people who helped them on their way. Our experts have achieved their own successes and want to pay it forward by giving back to their industry. They choose to give their time to BioCity because they share our approach, our goals and our determination to help ideas out of the lab and into the world.

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