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YProTech Ltd is a UK Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing specialist chemistry services and products to the life sciences sector and wider chemistry using industry. Our services include custom/contract synthesis, targeted library synthesis, process optimisation & scale up and project/supply chain management.


YProTech has experience of a wide range of modern chemistries (heterocyclic, chiral, cross coupling, crosslinkers etc) which we employ on a daily basis to solve the chemistry challenges for our customers. Our staff are all PhD qualified chemist and we offer full chemistry support to our customers with a focus on pre-clinical pharma and biotech, e.g. drug discovery and early phase development programmes.


We operate from mL to 20L scale. We have Radleys carousel reactors for targeted library synthesis and reaction screening and glass reactors up to our 20L jacketed vessel for rapid scale up of intermediates, building blocks and APIs. In addition to the standard lab kit we have parallel hydrogenation, microwave reactor, Biotage purification equipment allowing us to operate from milligram scale up small kilogram batches.


Our technology development activities include homogeneous catalysis, immobilisation technology and crosslinkers for bioconjugation chemistry.