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UK Biostores and Services

UK Biostores and Services

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UK Biostores & Services are headquartered in the North West of England. Our mission is to enhance the Quality and Cost effectiveness for the research community. We understand that as research needs increase so does the drain on time and resources. Our aim is to reduce the management requirements for researchers to focus on data analysis while enhancing Sample integrity. A huge advantage of storing your precious samples with UK Biostores and Services is that we have vast experience in Cryogenic Robotic Storage Systems.


We work with Liconic who are one of the World’s leading manufacturer of Semi and Fully Automated -20/80°C storage systems, and their engineers have been installing and maintaining multiple systems around the World for the past 15 years. Our facilities team also have multiple years’ experience in the procedures and measures required to ensure the safety and integrity of your samples. We are fully HTA licensed and are ISO9001 certified. Our verified temperature mapping procedures ensures that samples are at the correct temperature required. This gives you the peace of mind that samples are being stored at the temperature stated.