Sygnature Discovery

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Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent provider of integrated drug discovery resource and expertise. The companies mission is to accelerate the discovery of new medicines from the laboratory into development to treat patients with a range of debilitating and fatal diseases.


Sygnature adds significant value to collaborations by providing advanced scientific knowledge and intellectual input to accelerate clients drug discovery projects through to pre-clinical candidate.


Sygnature undertakes target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects, and complete drug discovery programmes for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Core capabilities include medicinal chemistry, in vitro bioscience, computational sciences and informatics, DMPK/physical sciences and protein crystallography.


Sygnature has an enviable track record of success for delivering multiple drug candidates on client projects, currently there are 8 drug candidates in the clinic invented at Sygnature since 2011.




BioCity Nottingham


Company Type

Lab and office



ADME/Toxicology/Pharmacokinetics, Analogue preparation, Chemistry services, Drug design, Hit to lead- discovery and optimisation