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A lifestyle dedicated to improving physical performance is something the Company’s founder, Alex Birks, knows well. As a former boxer holding multiple Scottish titles; breaking his tibia, tearing his ACL, and damaging his meniscus was a tough blow.


Frustrated with rehabilitation and the time taken to return to peak performance Alex began interacting with professionals in sport searching to improve his situation; where he was introduced to BFR training. Despite published medical literature reporting physical improvements of up to 20% when employing BFR, current equipment fails to give users a peace of mind resulting in 70% of sports professionals not utilising it.


Determined to globalise the use of BFR training the Company are working with professionals in the top level of UK sport to develop the Suji-System™ which gives users the peace of mind BFR is being employed safely and effectively. Excited to share the performance enhancing results Alex now trains with CrossFit athletes and gives advice on BFR to assist their mission of improving performance.


What is BFR training?

The combination of blood flow restriction and light weight exercise. By reducing, not preventing, blood flowing within a limb and exercising with a light weight as low as 20% 1RM; sports performance can be enhanced. BFR involves restricting blood flow within a limb and carrying out traditional exercises with light weights.