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Selentus Science Ltd

Selentus Science Ltd

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Selentus Science develops innovative medical devices for the control of bleeding and wound care. Our lead product, TenaTac®, is a bioresorbable haemostatic sponge with a patented surface modification that adheres the product to a wound site, preventing dislodgement and greatly reducing the risk of post-operative bleeding.


The innovation replaces blood derived proteins currently used to achieve wound adhesion, and as a consequence TenaTac has an improved safety profile and manufacturing costs are significantly lower. In addition, trials have demonstrated that TenaTac has superior performance to the market leader that utilizes blood derived ingredients.


TenaTac is approved for sale in Europe as a Class III medical device. Selentus aims to commercialize TenaTac in the £2.1 billion haemostat market and to develop a pipeline of four new products. Selentus was founded by Dr Ben Nichols (previously CEO at Haemostatix), Ben Walker MBA and a surgeon Paul Hayes MD FRCS.