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Segmentum Analysis

Segmentum Analysis

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Worldwide the adoption of digital pathology is increasing. These advancing techniques are being used for more convenient diagnosis, easier sharing of images between consultants, large-scale collection for research purposes and in the creation of online virtual archives, critical in teaching and multi-centre research.


Whilst the tools for researchers to utilise digital images have become very advanced, they are often very expensive and are commonly based in individual laboratories. This can easily result in considerable bottlenecks in use and limitations of access often lead to these facilities being simultaneously very costly but under-utilised.


Segmentum Imaging addresses these problems by using a tablet-based system to allow much faster measures with no loss of accuracy in a manner convenient for researchers and medical staff.  It avoids the limitations of large-scale pathological software systems by allowing the individual to conduct their research around their own schedules.


Segmentum Imaging is designed to facilitate routine measures faster than currently possible with no drop in accuracy. Our repeated testing on multiple pathology studies suggest decreases of 80-90% in time taken for measures such as cell- or biomarker-counting, with built-in options for randomised or systematic sampling to counteract measurement bias by users.