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SAW Dx is an emerging point of care diagnostic (POC) device design and manufacturing venture focused on exploiting Acoustic-Flow technology based on the use of surface acoustic waves technology developed in the laboratory of Professor Jon Cooper, University of Glasgow.


The Acoustic-Flow technology utilises the interaction of Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) with a patient sample to drive a diagnostic test. The interactions are controlled by microstructures patterned on the surface of disposable chips, to shape sound in particular ways in a frequency dependant manner. Functions possible include fluid movement, mixing, particle patterning, enrichment, opening cells to release DNA and temperature cycling of a sample. Acoustic-Flow technology means that samples can be processed on-chip (no preprocessing required) and complex microfluidics are avoided.


The SAW Dx business model is based on providing product and technology solutions to life sciences and diagnostics companies seeking to enhance their diagnostic product offerings through innovative point of care use.enrich parasites and perform cell lysis and molecular detection, on low-cost disposable chips.