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Reach Separations

Reach Separations

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Reach Separations is a highly specialised Chromatography Purification service based at BioCity in Nottingham, UK.


In small molecule synthesis there is a requirement for the end product to be pure which can be achieved in several ways (chromatography crystallisation, distillation). At Reach Separations we provide to our clients an exceptional level of expertise in the field of chromatography. We have considerable pharmaceutical experience enabling us to not only supply the chromatographic services and techniques that our clients require, but add the essential ingredient of expertise to their research and processes.


Collective pharmaceutical experience of nearly 40 years.
Immense level of expertise in the fields of chiral, reverse phase and normal phase chromatography.
Proven expertise recognised by industry and peers.
An outsource partner with clear insight, understanding and capabilities aligned with our client.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) at analytical and preparative scale.
Orthogonal chromatographic techniques providing a breadth of separation resource to solve the most challenging problems.
A vast array of chromatographic columns, again provide us with the best chance of solving the problem.
Capable of purifying from mg scale to in excess of 50g.
Commitment to work closely with our client in order to gather clear objectives and work to their timelines.


With these capabilities and values Reach Separations has rapidly established itself as a key provider of Outsource purification to the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agrochemical and academic sectors. Our client now base spans UK and Mainland Europe. It is clear from our interactions with our client base that an Outsource Provider with the expertise that Reach Separation possesses adds significant value to the small molecule synthesis environment and market place.