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Profeta Health

Profeta Health

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Profeta Health is a Premium Quality Halal Vitamins & Supplements Company based in MediCity Nottingham.


Profeta Health is an innovative supplements company, infusing a deep-rooted islamic heritage with modern technology to provide new and needed medicines which are assuredly halal for the mass muslim market. Profeta has 3 ranges of products, Profvits (Tablets, Capsules & Softgels for all of the family). ZamVits (a unique oral spray range combined with ZamZam water sourced from Makkah) & Kidvits (which include a wide range of gummies and are also suitable for vegans.)


As well as many of the products being Vegan as well as Halal, the manufacturing sites are all based in the UK and Germany in GMP certified facilities ensuring high quality manufacture. With HMC Halal certification to ensure consumer confidence in the halal product range.