PeptiGel Design

PeptiGel Design

PeptiGelDesign aims at enabling LifeSciences and delivery of next generation therapeutics. The technology is based on the fundemental understanding of the self-assembling properties of Oligopeptides, that allows control over the hydrogel scaffold mechanical properties and functionalities.


The patented PeptiGelDesign technology has been in peer reviewed articles for cell based experiments, pharmaceutical delivery systems and tissue engineering.


While ready to use formulations are available for stem cell culture (please contact us for further informations), PeptiGelDesign will commercialise a catalogue of off-the-shelf, ready to use and easy to use hydrogels for cell culturing during the first semester 2014. Through a customer service, custom made hydrogel formulation can be developed for specific application.


PeptiGelDesign long term strategy is focused on the application of our disruptive technology in the field of tissue engineering. Our cardiac patches just completed successfully pre-clinical trials studies.




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