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Orthogem was founded in 2001 with private and venture capital investment. Based in Nottingham’s acclaimed BioCity, Orthogem is proud to have developed their unique Tripore technology and produced validated preclinical proof, achieving full CE certification, FDA approval and ISO 13485 accreditation.


Synthetic Bone Grafts (SBGs) have been commercially available since the early 1960s. Back then it was believed that almost any calcium phosphate based product bearing a passing resemblance to cancellous bone would perform. It was soon realised that this was not the case and since then many variations of the same technology have been tried in the quest to find a product to compete with autograft, the accepted ‘gold standard’.


Orthogem was founded on the observation that the manufacturing technologys for conventional SBGs produce a microstructure which, although similar in appearance to cancellous bone, simply do not produce the appropriate environment for bone regeneration. Orthogem’s scientists concluded that until the basic microstructure was refined, very variable performance would result.


Orthogem’s ground breaking and patented Tripore technology platform has enabled the creation of a pipeline of SBG’s formulated for a variety of clinical applications, ranging from spinal to oral craniofacial surgery.


Orthogem’s unique Tripore multiporous structure achieves optimum bone remodelling through its unique and enhanced osteoconductive and bioactive properties.


Orthogem is set apart from other SBG manufacturers by the quality and depth of its preclinical scientific data, demonstrating that its proprietary Tripore technology can deliver significantly superior results in comparison to other SBG’s.