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Novosound Ltd have developed a ground breaking technique to mass-manufacture printable ultrasound sensors. These sensors are suitable for Non Destructive Industrial Testing, Acoustic Microscopy and Medical / Veterinary imaging including dentistry.


Ultrasound technologies have faced multiple obstacles for over 40 years due to limitations in the device’s core material which is costly and difficult to manufacture has inconsistencies and poor resolution. With our patented technique we are able to manufacture cost effective transducers that work at high frequency, generating better quality images. At Novosound we work closely with our customers to produce sensors that will assist them in their imaging needs.


With applications across multiple sectors, the initial market for our transducer will be industrial NDT. We are able to produce flexible sensors that will work in small spaces where low profiles are required and at high temperature, ideal for continuous monitoring of pipelines and other high temperature assets for fit and forget solutions.


For more information please contact:
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Biocity, Bo’Ness Rd, Newhouse, Scotland, UK ML1 5UH
P: 01698 678419