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NanoFCM is bringing flow cytometry capabilities to the nanoscale, opening the way for a better understanding biological functions and potential clinical applications.


The capabilities of Nano-Flow Cytometry (nFCM) include sizing and counting total particles by light scattering, as well as multiparameter analysis of biological functions via fluorescence. The measurement range extends to 7nm for metallic particles, 40nm for biological entities, the smallest possible for a flow cytometry device. This puts within reach particles that have until now very challenging to measure precisely, including viruses, extracellular vesicles, nanoparticle drug carriers, mitochondria and bacteria. Potential applications include improving gene therapies and vaccines, development of extracellular vesicles-based therapies and diagnostics, and faster regulatory approval for nanoparticles-based drug delivery formulations.


NanoFCM has already enabled leading US biotech companies and top research universities across the world to significantly improve their analytical capabilities with the NanoAnalyzer range of instruments. From its European headquarters in Nottingham, NanoFCM will offer these capabilities to academic researchers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, together with local technical and scientific support.