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Myconeos is a start-up founded on fungal microbiology research from the University of Nottingham which it has licensed. The research has established ground-breaking natural techniques for the sexual mating of Penicillium strains previously thought to be asexual. This breakthrough promises the creation of new fungal strains with new properties such as being able to create new and unique flavours or visual presentations for mould-ripened cheese. The company currently has developed four candidate strains for the dairy industry and retains the expertise to further develop and sell novel fungal food cultures and metabolites for use in food manufacture more generally. The key commercial opportunities are: Dairy cheese, Fermented Meat Products, Natural Food Colourings, Enzymes, Food Biomass Remediation and Health.


Myconeos has been awarded funding from MICRA (Commercialisation of Research Accelerator), The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and NBV Enterprise Solutions.