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Medibord Ltd is a UK company working to improve radiotherapy treatment planning across the world through the design, development and manufacture of radiolucent medical devices.


Medibord Ltd has developed an award-winning MRI transparent, non-conductive couch top and overlay for use in the rapidly-expanding field of MRI and CT imaging and radiotherapy. This has substantial benefits over the existing carbon fibre alternative.


The primary goal of Medibord is to provide extra tissue definition through innovative composite engineering, providing more effective treatment of cancer.


The Medibord’s couch top and overlays for MRI, CT and Linear Accelerators has been designed to fulfill the high demands of medical practitioners and has been introduced into several leading NHS hospitals in the UK.


The Medibord’s material is a lightweight, reinforced, thermoplastic panel which is x-ray translucent and has no adverse effect on magnetic resonance imaging.


Our core competence is composite Physical and the Medibord team have vast experience in supporting clients utilizing both project based and collaborative approaches.