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Kinetik was born from a single idea. That health monitors are not just for people with diagnosed conditions, such as Hypertension. Health monitors are for everyone and if designed to be attractive, affordable and accurate – they can encourage regular health checks on ‘wellness’ in every home. We believe prevention is better than cure. Vital sign knowledge from health monitoring is a first step which can transform the health and wellbeing of millions worldwide. In addition to our range of health monitors, we have created an innovative range of skincare products.


Kinetik works with its distribution partners to help achieve this vision. Just one of our affordable blood pressure monitors can achieve so much. It can help with the diagnosis of hypertension of an unsuspecting otherwise healthy individual; potentially keeping them from serious conditions later on. It can help people keep hold of their wellness through regular monitoring and taking early remedial action at the first signs of change. All of which can improve people’s lives and save huge costs of medication and secondary care.


As Kinetik grows, many new products are being added including, digital non-contact thermometers, heart rate monitors as well as expansion into treatments, such as low level light therapy for allergy relief and TENS technology for drug-free pain relief.


Having forged strong links with our retail partners, we can also help new manufacturers and brand owners with all aspects of retailer engagement, communications from staff training to point of sale materials using our vast experience of engaging with ‘well consumers’. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in approved and regulated factories. We also seek to supply medium and large corporations with Home Health Monitors to support employee welfare programmes. Products can be supplied as Kinetik Brand or in corporate branding.


Our manufacturing company Harvard Solutions Ltd, has many year’s experience in supplying private label electrical health products to leading pharmacy chains around the world – from the UK to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore – with more than 2 million units supplied since 2004.




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