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Key Organics Limited is a Leading Provider of Chemistry Services, Analytical Services and BIONET Products to the global Life Science industries.


Our in-stock BIONET portfolio now contains over 96,000 products, featuring Biochemicals, Fragments, Research Intermediates and Screening Compounds
Many of our BIONET products are now available in Kg quantities – please contact us for more details
Same day BIONET product dispatch is now also available in the USA through our new Boston-based Warehouse and Office
Key Organics offers a range of custom chemistry and FTE services from medicinal chemistry to process R&D
Our BIONET products are guaranteed, we offer a no quibble refund
All our products are in stock with assured quality with pre- and post sales support
With over 28 year’s proven expertise and competence, we are well positioned to become a long-term strategic partner for you and your chemistry needs.
Contact us today to discuss your company’s needs. Whether you need a few mg of a research compound or a several kg scale-up project; a long-term FTE or a consultancy project, we have a solution for you.