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Inventa Therapeutics

Inventa Therapeutics

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Inventa Therapeutics is a U.K based Bio-Pharmaceutical Organization founded with the principal business model of designing, developing novel molecules as well as licensing and collaborating with discovery companies world-wide to develop the molecules until clinical stage; thereafter commercialization at any stage of development.


Inventa Therapeutics will thus exclusively develop and commercialize the patented assets in various Therapeutic areas including Inflammation, Oncology and Respiratory as well as other therapeutic areas of huge unmet need.


Our objective is to develop New Molecular Entities (NMEs) composed of compounds and compositions utilizing a novel product design approach to treat significant and life-threatening diseases.


Inventa Therapeutics is composed of clinicians and entrepreneurial team with over 35 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and targets to be a revenue generating company within 3-4 years either by out-licencing or collaboration or partnership opportunities.