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Immundnz offers a comprehensive suite of assays to measure the direct and indirect immune response based on cutting edge immune response model, the ‘Danger Model’ coupled with an ultra sensitive assay for use in bioanalytical, pharmacokinetic and microdose studies of biopharmaceuticals.


Any molecule that is developed as a potential therapeutic needs to be assessed for its immunological risk that may be exerted as immunotoxicity, immunogenicity, immunomodulation or unwanted immune response. Current immune analysis of compounds is not up to date with the latest knowledge and developments in immunology causing unsafe drugs being tested in clinical studies.


Current immunogenicity testing focuses only on the direct immune response against a drug molecule but not on the indirect immune response against unintended tissue damage, which could be more serious in pathology and autoimmunity development. Following this and based on the contemporary ‘Danger Model’ of immune response, Immundnz has developed COMPIT: a novel analytical system comprising a suite of standard and customised assays for testing of immunologic markers related to danger and immunogenicity that covers the comprehensive immune response.


This system is coupled with a novel ultra sensitive assay based on advanced analytical chemistry for use in pharmacokinetic and also microdose studies of biopharmaceuticals. COMPIT is a progressive analytical system that is designed to consistently incorporate new information in immunology and align with regulatory guidelines in order to assist in generating safer drugs.