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Histologix is a niche service provider offering expertise in Immuno-histoPathology including antibody screening for preclinical and diagnostic projects. Histologix Directors have the most extensive experience of tissue cross-reactivity screening of novel therapeutic antibodies in the UK. In addition we provide services to clinical trials groups as well as bio-distribution studies, cell signalling pathway protein expression, angiogenesis studies, cell proliferation/apoptosis studies. Recently we have added molecular assays and have validated cytokine release assays for our clients using Flow cytometry, Elisa and Luminex multiplexing platforms. Lymphocyte proliferation and Western Blot assays have also been validated.


With a view to offering clients more extensive services Histologix has formed partnerships with groups of niche service providers to greater levels of specific expertise in the area of biomarker development/validation and companion diagnostic development.


Utilising the ability to generate over-expressing and knock-out tumour cell lines and to form xenografts in a range of murine models Histologix can identify the efficacy of various cancer treatments by quantitatively measuring growth profiles and target protein expression in these systems. Digitally scanning whole IHC stained slides and using highly developed algorithms from Definien’s Tissue Studio analysis system allows stained protein in nuclei, cytoplasm and on membranes to be quantified and compared to control groups via our translational scientists.


We have developed a route map for developing biomarkers and taking them to prototype companion diagnostic stage which involving validation of antibodies, IHC assay optimisation and testing for assay robustness, consistency and reproducibility.


For clinical trials we provide advisory services to investigational sites on tissue handling protocols in addition to providing them with a patient biopsy screening strategy, processing, staining and Pathologist evaluation or quantitative endpoints. Where required we provide biopsy packs to investigational sites.