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‘The Reference in Prevention for Animal Health.’


At HIPRA, we maintain a commitment to excellence, to service to livestock farms, to our people and to social, economic and environmental improvement. Our identifying features: Prevention, Credibility and Excellence. We are a company that is firmly committed to the well-being and protection of animals.


HIPRA was founded in 1954 in Madrid and in 1971, we relocated our head offices to Amer (Girona), Spain. In 1991 we opened up to international markets and as of the year of 2000, we began to implement commercial subsidiaries. We are now present in more than 100 countries and have our subsidiaries in more than 19 countries.


We are the only Animal Health laboratory with our own line of diagnostic kits with our own diagnostic centre, DIAGNOS, through which we offer technical service to our clients. All of our resources are dedicated to Animal Health as our only activity and as HIPRA’s ‘raison d’etre’.


Our products are recognised for their high quality, safety and efficacy with the objective that they also provide differential advantages for customers. Our investigation is centred on innovative and pioneering products in therapeutic areas of the greatest interest for professionals of animal health and production.


We are convinced that the future lies in Prevention. The majority of our Research & Development budget is allocated for biological products.


HIPRA is positioned as a firm alternative, especially in biological products for farm animals. We aim to evolve within the framework of our strategic plan by research, production and marketing of unique innovative products, engaging exclusively in Animal Health.


The people in our team, the company’s true driving force, are undoubtedly the best guarantee of our success.




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