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Haemostatix is a biopharmaceutical company, specialising in blood coagulants or ‘haemostats’ for the control of bleeding during surgery or trauma. The Company has developed a new class of active haemostat that is based on a peptide that binds to the blood protein fibrinogen, inducing the rapid and targeted formation of clotting. This innovative technology platform is being used to develop a pipeline of topical and systemic products to control different forms of bleeding.


Haemostatix’s lead product is PeproStat™, a topical haemostat that is applied directly to wounds to rapidly control bleeding during surgery. PeproStat has a novel mode of action that is faster and more effective than the market leader, thrombin. PeproStat is manufactured from blood-free components and will be available in a range of ready-to-use formulations, two further points of competitive advantage against thrombin in a dynamic market that exceeds $1 billion.