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Dr Foster

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Dr Foster was founded on an idea, the idea that collecting and publishing healthcare information would save lives. We believe that better information has made the NHS a safer, more efficient and more transparent service, and will continue to do so in the future.


We are the leading provider of health information in the UK and increasingly, worldwide. We enable healthcare organisations to benchmark performance against key indicators of quality and efficiency. We have helped and continue to help hundreds of clients monitor their clinical effectiveness and identify potential cost savings.


Our innovative products, services and resources enable both providers and commissioners of healthcare to benchmark and monitor the quality and efficiency of health services. And, through, we empower patients to make informed choices about their care.


Dr Foster Intelligence is a joint venture with the Department of Health. We continue to fund through a research grant the Dr Foster Unit at Imperial College London, which has developed pioneering methodologies that enable fast, accurate identification of potential problems in clinical performance and also in areas of high achievement.