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CompanDX holds the key to value generation in the exciting new field of Personalised Medicine.


The CompanDX bioinformatics algorithms are able to identify patients who respond to a particular therapy in new clinical trials or in previous, failed trails. The team thus helps drug development companies create new drugs applicable to specific patient sub-groups.


CompanDX provides:

  • A dramatic improvement in drug development success rates
  • Recovery of assets previously devalued following failure of clinical trials

CompanDX offers:

  • Partnership with drug development companies, applying low cost or nil cost analysis to clinical trial data in return for a share of downstream revenues on success, or
  • Fee-for-service arrangements where appropriate


The company technology has been tested in live clinical trial data and other major datasets, and the team now seeks to partner with major drug development companies. Meanwhile the company has received financial support from Chinese government and private sources for development of six diagnostic products based on application of CompanDX analysis to help solve key healthcare issues in China.




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