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CoLaw is a consultancy providing both Employment Law and Health & Safety Services. The breadth of experience in CoLaw would be the envy of some much larger organizations. The CoLaw team offer and specialise in providing a personal, practical, advice service that benefits your business and your people whilst, at the same time, freeing up your time so that you can concentrate on what matters most driving your business forwards.


Employment Law Consultants
Working with CoLaw will ensure that you receive expert advice in all Human Resource and Employment Law processes including contracts of employment, disciplinary, capability and grievance, dismissal, recruitment and selection, employee handbook, employment policies, redundancy, discrimination avoidance, business transfers, business reorganization, employment tribunal support. A dedicated and experienced consultant will work with you to understand your business, the issues at hand and the options available to you. We will provide you with clear advice and all the necessary paperwork and policies to ensure a comprehensive service.


Health & Safety Consultants
In business we all know that meeting our legal (and moral) obligations regarding Health & Safety in the workplace is critical. So where do you look for simple, effective and relevant advice and assistance? Look no further. At CoLaw we have dedicated Health & Safety professionals to work with you and help you to make sense of Health & Safety and how it relates to your business. We provide our clients with a service that is tailored to their requirements, and to this end we offer support in several distinct ways including retained services, one-off services, training, fire safety, food safety and facilities management. Whatever route you decide is right for you we will ensure, from the outset, that our service, standards and approach are clearly laid out for you and that you understand the costs involved.