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Clyde Biosciences

Clyde Biosciences

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Clyde Biosciences is a leading global cardiac safety service provider. Our speciality is in the assessment of cardiotoxicity potential for the global pharmaceutical industry. We work with:

  • Safety Pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular Therapeutics
  • Leading Stem Cell Suppliers


Our technology was developed in the laboratory of Professor Godfrey Smith (Chief Scientific Officer, Clyde Biosciences) a world-leading cardiac scientist with 25+ years experience in cardiac electrophysiology research. Clyde’s CellOPTIQ platform delivers reliable, high resolution functional output from a range of cardiac cell types including iPS-derived heart cells. High bandwidth membrane voltage signals from CellOPTIQ provides new insights into electrophysiological effects of drugs. Rapid data capture and analysis is made possible by our bespoke software which allows accelerated assay throughput in a 96 well format.