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Charnwood Molecular

Charnwood Molecular

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Charnwood Molecular’s core expertise of Synthetic Organic Chemistry underpins our key offerings of Custom Synthesis, Contract Research, Medicinal Chemistry and Process Research & Development.


For the Custom Synthesis of complex molecules, we have chemists with wide-ranging industrial experience and a track record of delivery. In Medicinal Chemistry, we support the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, providing services from Lead Discovery through to Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimisation. Our chemists have experience of working in a wide variety of therapeutic areas including urology, pain, oncology, obesity, immunology, respiratory, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. We work collaboratively with innovative partners, many based in BioCity, to provide access to an integrated Discovery service, providing clients with fast, effective solutions with transparent project costs.


Charnwood Molecular’s Process Research & Development group, with over 100 years combined experience within large Pharma, solves scale-up problems to address pre-clinical supply whilst at the same time better positioning projects for Development phases. With our partner, Hybrigenics Services, we also provide a new compound profiling technology, called ULTImate YChemH, that identifies interactions between small molecules and protein targets. We believe our attributes of clear, scientist to scientist communication, creativity, flexibility and reliability allow us to provide the best project value for our clients.