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CARE IS is focused on patient outcomes first and benefits to healthcare professionals and payors second. The technology is simply a vehicle to help deliver the desired clinical outcomes. We work with commissioners and providers to identify optimal solutions to meet local clinical needs. Having done this we will then identify supporting information systems solutions, and ensure these are integrated within local services and seamlessly embedded as normal working practice.


The next generation of decision support Proven outcome evidenced technology, seamlessly integrated into the general practice primary record system interface. Loaded with locally tailored NICE based clinical pathways covering all major disease areas, including long term conditions, childhood asthma, and depression.


Virtual referral management

Prepopulated with data from the primary record system providing web based access of all appropriate information to the clinical specialist.
Risk Stratification allowing those involved in primary care to monitor and manage patient population progress towards agreed health goals as well as real time risk estimation in each consultation.
Personalised Care Plans prepopulated from the patients record with patient specific objectives towards health goals and locally determined advice.


Enhanced Service contract management

Simple auditable financial reporting. Allows the practice to manage Local enhanced service performance and, collates Patient level data allows you to validate the recording and coding of activity from your practice record system prior to the generation of the payment report.