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Biostone Co.

Biostone Co.

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Biostone Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between Holymed Medical Co. and Wollaton Medical Consultancy. The purpose of the company is to develop & manufacture advanced  medical devices.


There are 4 medical devices in the Biostone product portfolio.


1. Advanced synthetic bone graft (SBG) for minimum invasive surgery (MIS) in orthopaedic and spinal surgery and, a specially designed dental bone graft device to simplify and replace the traditional dental bone graft granules and membrane application. This will save a lot of time for the dentist.


2. Vitreous substitute materials; it is a hyaluronic acid based resorbable polymer. Traditional products are gas or silicon oil, both of which have significant drawbacks. The proposed product will be the first of its kind to be used as a vitreous substitute. The product will significantly improve the comfort for the patient. It also eliminates the second surgery required to remove the polymer, compared to silicon oil treatment.


3. Fully automated, remote controllable, external Ilizarov cage for limb reconstruction. The aim of the product is to provide a elegant solution by combining the electric step motor and micro-computer with latest Cloud software, so the surgeon can remotely adjust the device, meaning the patient does not have to travel long distances for hospital visits.


4. Magnetic drive extendable intramedullary nail for long bone deformation and fracture treatment.


Products 3 and 4 will be co-operations with one of the leading limb reconstruction centres in the UK.


The advantages for Biostone are the market coverage. When the products are ready for launch in the market, they will be sold in China, Europe and the US simultaneously. The potential market for any one of these products is huge.