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Azotic Technologies licenced the N-Fix® technology from the University of Nottingham during March 2012.  This technology was initially developed by the University’s Professor Ted Cocking who is a leading world expert on microbial nitrogen-fixation. N-Fix® is a technology for inoculating plant seeds with beneficial bacteria to create a symbiotic relationship for mutual benefit.  It is environmentally friendly and contains no toxins. N-Fix® is based on Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus,,  a food grade bacterium, which is organic and non GMO and will assist all crops globally to fix nitrogen from the air thereby reducing the need for ammonium based fertilisers.


Our team of scientists at BioCity are developing N-Fix®  as a platform technology based on enabling plant cells with the ability to fix their own nitrogen.   The bacteria are essentially giving nature a helping hand to transfer this naturally occurring bacteria derived from sugarcane into other crop species. The Company will commercialise a variety of technologies based on this platform.


Sustainable agriculture will depend on the greater use of biological nitrogen fixation at a time when more food is needed for an increasing global population.


This patented technology is unique to Azotic – no other company in the world offers this.


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