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Aurelia Bioscience

Aurelia Bioscience

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Aurelia Bioscience provides pharmacological profiling and screening services at reasonable cost, in a timely manner with sound scientific interpretation for our clients. Services include proof of concept studies with targets and technologies, iterative screening as part of lead identification, screening cascades for compound selection in lead optimisation and high throughput screening using state of the art readers and liquid handlers. We specialise in phenotypic assays where applicable. Additionally our “instrument and reagent consultancy” develops novel applications for vendors, validating and demonstrating their technology to prospective clients.


Our vision is to be recognised by our peers as a centre of excellence for these activities and thus a partner of choice for outsourced drug discovery and technological innovation applied to biology. Underlying this is a desire to continue to contribute to the discovery of new therapeutic compounds for unmet medical need.


Our unique selling point is our experience and expertise in the field of pre-clinical research gained over many years working on successful candidate drug programmes in blue chip pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Glaxo SmithKline and ICI. This allows us to identify the biological screening techniques and technologies most suited to our clients needs to avoid the pursuit of expensive and time consuming approaches unsuited to the project. To this end Aurelia Bioscience has built a laboratory platform using state of the art technologies that deliver a range of technical approaches, each with its own unique set of characteristics that lend themselves to particular biological mechanisms. We have supported a wide range of target discovery including respiratory and inflammatory, oncology, CNS/pain and cardiovascular/gastrointestinal areas. Last, but by no means least, our appreciation of the complexity of drug discovery programmes allows us to understand our client’s needs and the need for co-ordination and synchronisation with other disciplines and companies.