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Activatec develops biobased ingredients from renewable sources. We are specialised in the evaluation, scale-up and commercialisation of processes to produce biotechnological and plant-based ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharma and from currently unused and low-value organic sources. We count on a proficient team of chemical and biochemical engineers and researchers with experience in the industrial biotech that works to provide a confidential service with an efficient and high-quality product output.


Our mission is to provide sustainable innovations to overcome the consumption challenge faced by the growing global population, and to meet the need to become less dependent on non-renewable ingredients and products. Our main goal is to create and sustain a climate of perpetual development, growth and change.


Activatec has raised €1m in its early stages and we are collaborating with more than 30 European partners which include universities, feedstock suppliers, technology adopters and customers. We are involved in the development of the production and purification of high-value products from agrifood side streams such as Ectoine, an active ingredient for the skin, Lactobionic acid, used in the cosmetics industry as an antioxidant and in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient for formulation, Galacto-oligosaccharides, a prebiotic for both infants and adults, and a bioplastic with valuable applications.


We have experience in R&D partnerships with industry and research institutes, managing and participating in both local and international collaborative projects. Activatec is a member of the BioVale cluster that promotes and develops the bioeconomy in the UK.