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4D Biomaterials

4D Biomaterials

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4D Biomaterials is the trading name of 4D Medicine, a company that was spun out from the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick in April 2020.


Our mission is to commercialise a new class of materials – liquid resins that can be printed into solid 3D scaffold implants to help patients recover from major medical procedures. The polycarbonate-based resins, developed by our founders Professor Andrew Dove and Dr Andrew Weems, are novel bioresorbable materials with good shape memory, tunable mechanical and chemical properties and promising tissue-healing performance. The composition of the resins is protected by a family of patents exclusively licensed to the company as part of the spin-out process.


The company has secured seed investment from SFC Capital and grants from Innovate UK to develop its first range of implantable medical devices that will improve patient quality of life by accelerating healing and recovery after common surgical procedures.


Ultimately, the aim is to build a substantial business, supplying liquid resins and 3-D printed components to medical device manufacturers and medical practitioners across the UK, EU and USA.


The next investment opportunity will be a Series A round in Spring/Summer 2021 in which we plan to raise at least £1m.