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Collaboration with Forendo Pharma provides development candidates

Collaboration with Forendo Pharma provides development candidates

A two-year-long discovery chemistry collaboration between Charnwood Molecular and Forendo Pharma has seen compounds move from discovery to pre-clinical development.

Charnwood Molecular and Forendo Pharma have been collaborating since September 2015, with Charnwood Molecular synthesising challenging steroidal analogues of a hit compound initially identified at Forendo Pharma. Multi-centred lead optimisation efforts led to the identification of a development candidate, for which Charnwood Molecular’s pre-clinical Process Development group scouted various routes for larger-scale synthesis. Studied processes initially delivered multi-gram quantities within the collaboration, before being used by Forendo Pharma to access multi-kilogram quantities of the compound they are now progressing into development.

Dr Robin Wilkes, Director of Business Development at Charnwood Molecular commented: ‘Charnwood Molecular is being increasingly engaged by small companies looking to quickly progress pre-clinical assets into drug development. The infrastructure and partnerships we have developed over the past few years now allow us to do that. We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside such an excellent collaborator as Forendo Pharma, who we wish every success in taking their development candidates forward’.

“Charnwood Molecular was consistently solving difficult synthetic routes and achieving good results, bringing new ideas and delivering all expectations” added T. Linnanen, Forendo Pharma, Head of Drug Discovery.