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What a Year it Has Been

What a Year it Has Been

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Dec 19, 2017

Blog by Dr Glenn Crocker (MBE)


So here we are at the end of yet another year: and what a year it has been. Aside from all the great things the companies based at BioCity, MediCity and the BioHub are doing that we’ve reported on during the year- here are some of the highlights from within BioCity Group that are less widely known.


We’ve see the fantastic refurbishment of the communal areas at MediCity in Nottingham and BioCity in Glasgow. The impact on the sites and the response has been superb;


A new company, Roylance Stability Storage, was spun out from the stability business in Scotland. £250,000 was raised and the business is off to a flying start. Good luck to the team.


The new Discovery building opened earlier in the year. The team in Nottingham did a great job in ensuring everything was ready to go and the addition of around 30% more space to the site in Nottingham went off without a hitch.


The website has been completely transformed, launching our “Home to the Curious” brand, and a new extranet has been developed for MediCity Nottingham (being rolled out to other sites in 2018). If you’ve seen either of these you’ll know what a great job has been done. The recent Gingerbread House competition was a Twitter sensation- take a look here to see the entries.


The BioHub won “BioIncubator of the Year” and “Outstanding Contribution” at the Oxford BioScience Network (OBN) awards. Congratulations to the BioHub team and everyone involved there.


The 2017 Life Science Start-up Report was produced and launched and has had a great response. I was subsequently invited to give evidence to the House of Lords Science Committee on the UK life science strategy, which was a great experience;


BioCity Group was named in the FT 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. (there are definitely more than 1,000 companies in Europe I assure you);


We’ve had a total of 25 companies join our DEVELOP, start-up programme this year with the team developing some particularly great opportunities in Scotland. We’ve also had nearly 100 attendees at our Bootcamps.


Staying on the DEVELOP theme- we recently won the contract to deliver our accelerator programmes in Aberdeen. This is a testament to the quality of the programmes being delivered in Scotland and our overall reputation.


Investments have been made in some very interesting and exciting companies that are tackling areas such as cancer, liver disease and antimicrobial resistance. Some are very early stage and the team have done a great job in bringing these opportunities forward.


BioAscent, our drug discovery services business in Scotland, has had a great year also, significantly beating targets. Paul Smith has joined as CEO and has got off to a great start.


So, as you can see, a massive amount has been achieved during 2017. I want to thank everyone involved in making all this happen and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018.


And finally- I can’t finish off this message without a mention of Lorna Richardson, who sadly will be stepping down at the end of this year, “supposedly” to put her feet up. I know everyone will agree, Lorna has been fantastic to work with over the past 12 years and we will miss her but I’m sure you will all want to join me in wishing her well. Thank you Lorna.




Glenn Crocker
Chief Executive – BioCity


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