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Standout season for start-ups

Standout season for start-ups

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Dec 9, 2020

Almost 100,000 new businesses were registered in the third quarter of 2020 (ONS) and we were lucky enough to be a part of some of their start-up journeys.


This Autumn, thirteen pioneering ventures took part in two simultaneous programmes, delivered by our partners; East Midlands AHSN and Oxford AHSN. Following a series of pitches featuring a broad spectrum of innovations, two companies were each awarded a £100k package of business support. Congratulations to Astinno and MetaguideX. 


Meet the Winners

Astinno (Winner of East Midlands AHSN Accelerator programme, delivered by BioCity)







Founded by Peter Astbury and joined on the programme by his colleague Katrina Cannon, Astinno are a FemTech hardware startup developing a solution for women experiencing a perimenopause symptom known as hot flushes. “Grace” is a smart bracelet using specialist cooling technology to automatically detect and counter menopausal hot flushes night and day.




MetaGuideX (Winner of East Midlands AHSN Accelerator programme, delivered by BioCity)

Dr Ryan Pink and Prof. Dave Carter are founders of an Oxford Brookes University spin-out developing cancer diagnostics. The diagnostics will give clinicians the power to detect, predict and improve the treatment of metastatic tumours with high specificity and sensitivity.




Here’s a quick introduction to all the pioneers that took part in our Accelerator Programmes this year.


East Midlands AHSN pioneers

Enrich My Care – An innovative personalised health platform for children with disabilities. EnrichMycare is a secure personal health platform that helps with managing all the child’s health needs from one place. Parents and professionals can instantly share health reports, videos, and photos along with keeping up-to-date information of the child’s health profile, medications, exercises, and other health plan. The platform also offers opportunities for predicting and automating key workflows to improve quality of care whilst reducing costs.


HemoGad – Developing a home test for monitoring iron overload and iron deficiency conditions. Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) is the most common inherited genetic condition in Northern Europe and causes the body to store excess dietary iron, which is toxic and causes damage to major organs.


IO-Cyte – Developing a topical dressing that addresses local causes of non-healing, which are local infection, microbial biofilms, and a chronic inflammatory state. It does this by incorporating pvp-iodine into gelling fibre dressings to provide longer release, making it suitable for use by nurses in the patient’s home.


JT Rehab – Developing a novel patented medical device has been designed to enable patients to effectively maintain muscle strength and condition and improve functional ability for faster recovery from injury and surgery and safer discharge home.



Oxford AHSN Pioneers

TitanGTx – An ideas stage biotech that has developed several novel routes to modify cell lines for augmented lentiviral vector production (LVV). Several new pseudo types for enhanced tropism of various cell types have also been identified. In addition to a group of pharmacologically active compounds that can be added to buffers for improved LVV and CART cell production. These inventions will have applications in the gene therapy manufacturing industry.


Sapien Health – Remote coaching for surgery: remotely coach patients before and after surgery – filling in the gaps in care.


Detrauma – A mobile first-line treatment to dramatically reduce waitlists that uses written exposure therapy, clinically-validated trauma-focused PTSD treatment and digitally delivered for self-treatment. Detrauma takes user through 3 steps; measure symptoms, complete writing exercises, track progress.


Ademen – Developing an easy-to-use digital stethoscope solution for remote auscultation examination.


Lumino – DTx for the Menopause: A digital CBT programme will give women access to cognitive and behavioural techniques whenever and wherever works for them. Accessible via the web or smartphone, it will focus on managing stress and wellbeing, sleep problems, night sweats and hot flushes. Lumino is rigorously evaluated and backed by clear evidence, as well as being attractive and straightforward to use.


Incubeats – The audio device, combined with the smartphone application, helps neonatal nurses and parents who have their baby in the NICU to strengthen bonding and empower parents in their role by providing a tool to connect with their baby and care for them, unlike other products that are not customized or hospital safe.


Medsearch – Founded by a team of healthcare and IT professionals who are passionate about improving outcomes for the clinical trials industry; MedSearch has been created to address the critical problems facing the industry today by utilising current and innovative technologies to address these issues. Attending on behalf of the team today is Moamen Abdelhakim, a pharmacist with experience in patient recruitment in clinical trials, community pharmacy management and clinical roles in general practices.



Sign up to the next East Midlands AHSN Pre-Accelerator Programme, powered by BioCity. Registration is now open for February 2021.

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