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Creating the world’s most comfortable cuff

Creating the world’s most comfortable cuff

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Jul 2, 2018

Kinetik Wellbeing is the second MediCity Nottingham based company in our Spotlight On series.


We were invited to sit in on the marketing meeting with the promise of having our blood pressure taken with the ‘world’s most comfortable cuff’. James Grover, Sales Director; Chris Amobi, Account Manager; and Molly Watters, Marketing Coordinator, were kind enough to let us ask them questions about the company’s journey, how being part of a MedTech community fits in with Kinetik Wellbeing’s culture and long-term goals, as well as the best places to go in Nottingham.


“Since 2005, our sole aim has been to provide accurate, affordable medical devices for use in the home.”


The proof is in the results. With products ranging from £10 – £70, Kinetik Wellbeing sell more than 160,000 medical products per year in the UK alone and regularly have products featured as a ‘Best seller’ on Amazon.


Kinetik Wellbeing, tell us about it…


James: We are the only medical device company in association with St John Ambulance which is a critical relationship. The partnership has grown over the past couple of years, the affiliation understandably brings confidence to our consumers.


Chris: We’re able to make our products much more affordable than our competition, as we have direct links to the manufacturer, which has allowed our products to be sold in mainstream stores.


Molly: We have our own e-commerce platform as well, so it’s really important to keep track of the conversions and sales. We need to ensure we are constantly driving customers to our website. We achieve this mainly through social media campaigns and Google Ad Words. Since using Google we’ve had a huge increase in visitors – which really helps with brand awareness and ROI.


Claire (me) having my blood pressure taken by Molly


We saw on Twitter that you were involved with the London Marathon?


Molly: Yes! Kinetik exhibited at the London marathon expo. It was really exciting, as we got to be there all week, it was fantastic for brand awareness; it was estimated that up to 80,000 people attended. It was fun to share a stand with St John Ambulance too – they had about 200 people running the marathon on behalf of St John Ambulance, so it was a great experience to be part of.


Chris: We too had tons of people, as well as our brand ambassadors which included a t-rex and a badger (I’m not even joking!).


T-rex “brand ambassador” and Molly at the London Marathon Expo


Molly: By chance I was already running the London marathon. It meant I could engage and empathise with the other runners – Kinetik were taking people’s blood pressure during the event. Running the marathon gave me the ability to be really personable with customers. I cried for about half an hour after the marathon! I’d raised a lot of money, so I felt the pressure!


How has Kinetik evolved?

James: When the company first started in 2006, it was very different. The concept of affordable home medical devices was brand new, so Kinetik were the front runners in the market and were very reactive. This taught us to plan so we could keep ahead of the game with our new products, such as our new Blood Glucose Monitoring System.


Chris: And our new Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor x2 Comfort with our ‘comfiest cuff yet’!


There’s four of us based at MediCity; Michelle, James, Molly and I (Molly started as a two-week intern last year via University of Nottingham) and a team of five in Hong Kong, who are in charge of quality control, regulatory and sourcing. James travels there two or three times a year and I’m going in October.


Molly: We were the first to put affordable medical devices in supermarkets. Tesco were the innovators, ensuring they stocked our products throughout their entire pharmacy estate. Once one caught on, the rest followed. Now Argos, Well Pharmacy, Superdrug and a long list of other stores and pharmacies stock our products. We have a great reputation with our suppliers and have built strong relationships, which is not easy to maintain especially when trying to manage our own ecommerce website as well. So, when you see our products in ASDA Pharmacy for example, we seem like a big company. But I’m proud to say we’re a small, close knit team who work hard and get a lot done.


From left: Michelle, James, Chris and Molly


What’s the culture like?


Chris: Lots of laughing! We all get on really well. There’s a fair number of things we do as a team that are not to do with work too (mostly eating and drinking!). It’s great working in a small business, because you get to do so much more. My job is not your usual Account Manager role; it’s product spec, managing accounts and sales. Opportunities to go to Hong Kong wouldn’t happen in a large business.


James: We have a relaxed atmosphere, but your job is all on you – so if you work hard, you get the benefits. The team take ownership of their own roles, so it really feels like it’s theirs.


Molly: Yeah, I like the variety the job comes with – every day is something different.


The Kitchen at MediCity


How do you find working at MediCity?


Chris: Good yeah, it’s fun! Now that ‘The Kitchen’ is here and there is a communal area, you get to meet other people that work onsite. We’re looking forward to coming to the Kitchen’s first birthday party! Initially, I thought working in an incubator didn’t impact us – it was just an office to base ourselves. But since being here, we’ve found we really like being where other companies are. We still have that ‘small company feel’, but within a big community, it’s perfect.


Molly: When people ask, ‘Where do you work?’ it’s good to be able to say ‘MediCity at Boots’ because it’s well known. MediCity is a great place to bring clients into now that the Kitchen and lounge space have been refurbed.


If you’d like to try Kinetik’s products for yourself, they are offering an exclusive 20% discount off everything they sell with code BIOCITY20.

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